Any avid gardener knows how many advantages there are to having your own greenhouse.  However, even a greenhouse can become an unsafe environment unless certain steps are taken to maintain it.  Here are a few of the ways you can keep your greenhouse a hazard free environment:

Although a greenhouse is designed to trap heat and light its still important to have proper ventilation.  If air becomes too stagnant and humid you may create an environment for fungi to grow which can be dangerous.  Ventilation is also important in making sure the greenhouse doesn’t become too hot, which may kill plants.

In colder months you may need to use an electric heater in your greenhouse.  To prevent it from becoming a fire risk, choose a heater that is intended specifically for greenhouses.  Any other electrical devices that you use in a greenhouse should also be suitable for use out of doors and be fitted with waterproof covers.  When you have finished using them, unplug them and keep them in a safe place.

From time to time you may find a leak in your greenhouse.  Try to fix these as soon as possible so that you avoid excessive moisture accumulation, fungi or other pathogens.  This will also help to prevent insects.

If there are children in the home, put a lock on your greenhouse.  A greenhouse is a place you may be keeping different types of pesticide, plant food, gardening tools or any other type of item that could become dangerous if a child were to find them. 

Yes, even in a place where we often go to unwind and relax, there can be the potential for danger so taking time to give your greenhouse a periodic safety inspection will be useful.

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