Perhaps you have noticed different options for drywall whilst looking for materials for your home.  One of those options is paperless drywall.  Let’s take a minute to compare this with traditional drywall and to consider which rooms of the home it would be good for.

A traditional drywall consists of a gypsum core which is surrounded by super thick paper.  One problem with this type of drywall is that, due to its paper covering, it can be susceptible to water damage and mold issues.  Paperless drywall has been designed to be more resilient against this kind of damage by being constructed with a water-resistant gypsum core and a fiberglass covering instead of paper.  This means it is less prone to water damage.  The fiberglass also makes it a lot stronger.  So, why not just use paperless drywall for every room instead of traditional drywall?

Although paperless drywall is a great option for rooms that experience high levels of moisture such as basements and bathrooms, it does have a few drawbacks.  For example, it is more difficult to install due to the rigid nature of the fiberglass and can cause skin irritation.  It is not so easy to achieve a nice smooth finish as traditional drywall is.  Another problem is that it may not be as readily available as regular drywall is.

Yes, its clear to see the many benefits of paperless drywall but, before you go ahead and use it, think about which rooms would benefit from it and which rooms can use traditional drywall.

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