A tumble dryer has become an indispensable appliance for the majority of large households, however, as is the case with any appliance, it must be well maintained.  If a dryer is not cared for properly it could even become the cause of a serious house fire.  So, what are some simple ways to care for the dryer?

Most of us will be aware of how a dryer works, wet clothes are gently spun in the drum of the dryer as hot air is forced into the drum enabling it to dry the clothing.  As this is happening, water evaporates from the clothes forming water vapor.  This water vapor then must exit the dryer and does so through the dryer vent.  Another result of the drying process is lint, and this too must exit the dryer to avoid a dangerous build-up in the machine.

When a dryer becomes a fire hazard.  If the water vapor cannot exit the dryer this could cause the machine to overheat which could then cause it to burst into flames.  If lint, which is extremely flammable, starts to build up in the machine, this also creates a big fire risk.

What are some ways to prevent a dryer fire? The vent plays a crucial role when it comes to dryer safety as this is the way water vapor escapes from the machine.  Be sure to check it never becomes disconnected or damaged in some way that would cause the vent to become blocked.  Another important thing to do each time you use the dryer is to empty the lint trap so that you avoid excessive build-up.

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