Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer as it has no odor and cannot be seen, and so attacks without warning. Many instances of Carbon Monoxide poisoning occur in the home, this is largely due to faulty, fuel-burning appliances found in the home.

What are some ways that CO Poisoning can be prevented?

It is very important to install Carbon Monoxide detectors, that meet appropriate safety standards on every level of your home, also make sure they are quite close to the bedroom so that they would be easily heard if the alarm goes off.

All appliances need to be installed properly and have maintenance performed on them regularly

If you have a chimney, get it inspected to make sure there is no damage or blockages, also a yearly clean is important

It can be very tempting to try to heat the house with a household appliance such as an oven, but this is very dangerous and should not be done.

Do not keep your car running in the garage, this can be lethal

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