It’s not hard to recognize the unpleasant odor of sewer gas. If you are smelling it in your home, this can be rather annoying. But, why does sewer gas leaking into a home and, is it something you should be concerned about?

There are different reasons why sewer gas might be leaking into your home. Among the most common reasons is dried out plumbing fixtures. Plumbing traps are one example of this. They are designed with a water barrier that prevents sewer gases from backing up into the home but, if they dry out, there is nothing to stop the gas from coming into the house.  You are more likely to experience this during dry weather or in bathrooms that do not get much use.

If cracks start to form in plumbing drains, foundations or ventilation pipes, this may also cause sewer gas to leak into the house. This can also happen if plumbing vents are situated too close to the home’s air intakes. The way air flows around the property is another simple reason for you to be smelling sewer gas in your home.

Should you be concerned about sewer gas leaking into your home? Some causes of sewer gas are worse than others but it’s very important to get the problem checked out by someone qualified who can identify the source. Sewer gas is dangerous and can result in a displacing of oxygen in the home leading to asphyxiation, sulfide poisoning or even a risk of explosion and fire.

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